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WBAI Supporters: Enough is Enough!!
Alert - This is Not a Drill


Below you will find the early flyer, written before information obtained under good authority revealed that both Mr. Riddle and Mr. White are to be fired this week. (April 28th-May 1st). The demonstration is definately happening on Wed., April, 29 at 4:30-6:30) The following is worth reading to note the historical parallels between the previous "Christmas Coup" and the current coup.


Because Bernard White and Tony Riddle and other staff are under immediate threat of being removed , we definately will:

Gather at the station (120 Wall St., south of Water St.) on Wednesday, April 29 from 4:30 to 6:30 PM and put together a response team.

WBAI's community oriented programing is under attack from:
Grace Aaron (Pacifica Exec. Director), The Pacifica National Board majority,
The WBAI Local Station Board majority

They want to impose their own view of programming - and purge what they label "racial divisiveness and balkanization" - read: programs about community self-determination.

Where were you when they launched the Christmas Coup in 2000?

That was then…..They fired Program Director Bernard White… and General Manager Valerie Van Isler and lots of staff
This is now…..They're trying to fire Program Director Bernard White… and General Manager Tony Riddle and are threatening to fire lots of staff

That was then…They tried to lock out the people from the station
This is now…They're trying to lock out the staff from the broadcast tower

That was then…They imposed a gag rule on producers who spoke out on air against their arbitrary acts
This is now….They've imposed a gag rule on producers who speak out on air against their arbitrary acts

Don't wait for the axe to fall - We need to be ready to move now!
Call and/or e-mail the Pacifica National Board and tell them firmly:
Hands Off WBAI Management and Producers!
WBAI must keep its autonomy!

Write to pnb@pacifica.org or call the National Office at (510) 849-2590.

We need to meet them where they stand. Also check www.wbixradio.org - the voice of WBAI In Exile
And tune into the Wakeup Call News with Don DeBar each weekday at 7 and 8 AM - if he's still there.