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WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign Dissects
Steve Brown's Karl Rove-Style Accusations
and Racial Code Language Against Opponents:

Alliance for Community Elections (ACE) Seeks to Reverse Decades of Progress
Toward An Activist and Anti-Racist Focus at WBAI

Table of Contents:

1. Steve Brown's Attacks Latest in Decades-Long Struggle at WBAI Over Inclusion of Working Class Communities of Color
2. Brown Falsely Claims Bernard White Instituted "Anti-White" Programs
3. Brown Offers Racially Homogenous Station in Boulder, Colorado as Model
4. Brown Uses False Charges to Evoke Racist Imagery of Alleged Violence by Black People at WBAI
5. Brown Makes Nonstop Defamatory Attacks on Bernard White
6. Core of the Issue: Brown Seeks to Turn Back the Clock at WBAI
7. Brown's ACE Allies Join in Vilifying Bernard White and Calling for Drastic Programming Changes
8. Brown Calls for a Purge of Opponents at WBAI
9. Final Note


Whether our politically correct and apparently militant anti-white, anti-middle-class, anti-liberal Program Council (or Program Director) wants to face it or not, this station owes its financial underpinnings -- its very existence -- to the relatively small, continually insulted, and lately increasingly alienated group of aging, white, middle-class, and mostly college-educated "old lefty-liberal" types who love the station and have supported it with their substantial contributions for more than 50 years, even though huge swathes of the daily schedule have now been deliberately programmed with hosts who ridicule their background, question their good faith, and attempt to instill the same poisonous attitude in their listeners.
        -- WBAI Local Station Board member Steve Brown, public email,
Nov. 9, 2003

It is hour after hour of "reparations" programming in the same day, marked by a flitting and fleeting but multitudinous, subliminal, half-veiled hostility to all white people.
-- Steve Brown, public email, Nov. 15, 2003, responding to a request for
examples of "anti-white" programming added by Program Director Bernard White

In recent weeks, Local Station Board re-election candidate Steve Brown of ACE (Alliance for Community Elections) has launched almost daily attacks on the Justice and Unity Campaign and has escalated his three-year campaign of vilification and defamation of WBAI Program Director Bernard White, demanding his firing. Brown, a multimillionaire and former marketing executive, orchestrates a barrage of Karl Rove-style accusations and ad hominem attacks -- many of them based on exaggerations, distortions and sometimes outright falsehoods, often appealing to age-old offensive racial stereotypes. But in actuality, this is simply one side of a longstanding ideological fight over the direction of the station.

It's important to note that the other current and former board members who are endorsed by ACE -- Carolyn Birden, Mitch Cohen, Paul DeRienzo, and Alex Steinberg (as well as other ACE allies on the board) -- while they may not have used such incendiary language as Brown (except for DeRienzo; see #6 below), have waged similar political attacks on Bernard White and the direction of WBAI programming. They have also consistently condemned any efforts to hold board members such as Brown and DeRienzo accountable for their outrageous, abusive statements.

In addition, these ACE candidates have denounced the motion passed by the Pacifica National Board last spring to establish a committee to review allegations of racism and sexism by local and national board members. They have viciously stigmatized the committee by nicknaming it "PUAC" (Pacifica UnPacifican Activities Committee), with the obvious allusion to the repressive HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) of the McCarthy era. The Pacifica committee would simply create a forum for a fair examination, with due process, of allegations of misconduct that, if true, are serious breaches of the Pacifica mission to further understanding among different racial groups. It is telling that an effort to move towards serious accountability for board members would meet with such vitriolic attack by ACE supporters.

1. Steve Brown's Attacks Latest in Decades-Long Struggle at WBAI Over Inclusion of Working Class Communities of Color

Steve Brown's attacks -- and those of his ACE colleagues -- must be placed in the larger context of the decades-long battles within WBAI, Pacifica, and indeed progressive movements overall (such as anti-war, labor, and environmental movements) over self-determination of communities of color and the white racism it is met with. The 1960s upsurge of the Black liberation movement, Puerto Rican independence, and other movements of people of color spurred a struggle to transform WBAI from a purely free-form radio station run almost totally by whites with occasional hosts and guests active in communities of color to a station with significant roles in management, paid staff, and on-air hosts for Black, Latino/a, Asian, and indigenous people closely connected to their communities and committed to airing those voices and cultural expressions.

The struggle to change WBAI lasted on and off for some 20 years, led by the few Black and Latino producers already there and their white allies, with much community support. Reflecting arguments in the New York City area over community control of schools (serving mainly students of color), affirmative action in hiring, and justice for Palestinians, the old guard at WBAI and their external allies claimed that those seeking inclusion were "anti-white" and "anti-Semitic." Gradually throughout the 1980s and ultimately by the early 1990s, the struggles brought significant changes in the makeup of the management, staff, and program schedule, with strong representation of people involved with struggle in oppressed communities.

2. Brown Falsely Claims Bernard White Instituted "Anti-White" Programs

But some producers and listeners always felt threatened by these changes and wanted to reverse them, and the battle was often bitter and personal. When Bernard White was reinstated as Program Director in 2002 after the victory of the mass listener/staff movement against illegal staff changes beginning in December 2000 (including the installation of Interim General Manager Utrice Leid over the objections of the local board and staff and the subsequent removal of 29 staff members), he broadened the program schedule to serve even more communities and air vital issues and cultural expressions. He approved the addition of more than a dozen new shows that year and since then has authorized many others. Their hosts range across numerous population groups in New York City -- including white people -- and they cover numerous topics: the environment, prison/criminal justice, women's issues, healthy homes, NYC issues, youth, Latino issues (programs in English and Spanish), and Haiti, just to name a few.

Here is what Steve Brown wrote in November 2003 about those changes on a public email list:

In my opinion, WBAI management...has been deliberately and relentlessly tampering with the programming mix for the purpose of alienating and ultimately removing the middle-class elements of our audience, and replacing them with an audience consisting entirely of the (no doubt deserving, but financially impecunious) voiceless, downtrodden, and oppressed.

He explained why he thought these alleged program changes were harmful to the station's survival:

...there is not just "one" WBAI audience -- but "two." The first of these audiences, we have always sought to attract -- it comprises the voiceless, the downtrodden, and the oppressed. But we must be careful not to indulge in an orgy of misguided nobility and political correctness by convincing ourselves that this should be our ONLY audience, or even our "main" audience. That would be a terrible mistake -- and doom the station. It is a mistake precisely because an audience that is voiceless, downtrodden, and oppressed is unlikely to have sufficient financial resources to fund our station....

Whether our politically correct and apparently militant anti-white, anti-middle-class, anti-liberal Program Council (or Program Director) wants to face it or not, this station owes its financial underpinnings -- its very existence -- to the relatively small, continually insulted, and lately increasingly alienated group of aging, white, middle-class, and mostly college-educated "old lefty-liberal" types who love the station and have supported it with their substantial contributions for more than 50 years, even though huge swathes of the daily schedule have now been deliberately programmed with hosts who ridicule their background, question their good faith, and attempt to instill the same poisonous attitude in their listeners.

...Why should these listeners be wooed at all? Because they are the people best suited to help WBAI empower the voiceless, the downtrodden, and the oppressed.

When pressed to provide examples of the "anti-white" programming that he claimed represented "huge swathes of the daily schedule," he replied:

I am simply too tired to "supply examples" of the programming I am talking about. Everyone in New York understands what I am talking about.

But then he went on to cite one example:

It is hour after hour of "reparations" programming in the same day, marked by a flitting and fleeting but multitudinous, subliminal, half-veiled hostility to all white people.

This statement is a perfect example of the racially obsessed lens through which Brown views ideological differences. The reparations programs in question never targeted the white population as a whole, but rather the institutionalized structure of white supremacy as manifest in all levels of government, corporate leadership, public schools and higher education, and so forth. Certainly the programs included a call to white people of conscience to take a stand against these institutionally racist structures and support the just call for reparations to descendants of the enslaved Africans whose uncompensated labor created wealth and privilege for many white people. This type of challenging programming is precisely what WBAI should be encouraging, not attempting to remove.

Furthermore, Brown's claim that WBAI's low-income listeners are "impecunious" (hard up) and cannot be relied upon for financial support disregards the incredible commitment shown by thousands of the station's most fiercely loyal supporters who are working class and struggling. These folks often donate greater proportions of their incomes than they can truly afford, including many incarcerated people. This comes from their passion for the unique, powerful role that the station plays as a purveyor of survival information for societal change that is suppressed by other media.

At the same time, it is also true that unemployment, declining real wages, skyrocketing rents (now averaging 51% of New York renters' income), and the destruction of the social safety net have created rising poverty in the metro area -- especially post-9/11 -- which has put the squeeze on even the most generous BAI supporter. Meanwhile, the station's basic operating costs continue their relentless rise. But the answer CANNOT be reducing the excellent service provided by current programming to working class communities. Rather, there will have to be more focus on off-air fundraising methods such as special events, concerts, grants, etc. to supplement the on-air income from listeners.

Finally, the idea that white middle-class people are those "best suited to help WBAI empower the voiceless, the downtrodden, and the oppressed" is condescending, if not insulting, to the many people of color who have not only loyally supported the station but also done brilliant work in bringing excellent programming to the airwaves on those communities' issues.

3. Brown Offers Racially Homogenous Station in Boulder, Colorado as Model

Another window into Brown's racial thinking can be seen in his public email of August 2005, in which he rhapsodizes the success of a Pacifica affiliate station in Boulder, Colorado, KGNU, due to its racially "homogenous" audience, in contrast to WBAI's diverse audience:

How much of WBAI's almost willful self-destructiveness over the last 15 or 20 years (up to and including the last 3 years during which internal strife, mistrust, nastiness, violence, and extreme interpersonal antagonism have brought the station to the brink of bankruptcy and near total meltdown) is solely and entirely due to the tensions, frictions, and politics -- of race?

Which leads to the corollary question: How much of the success of KGNU (not counting, of course, the part that your leadership and the efforts of your staff and listeners have played) has been due to an almost total absence of the tensions, frictions, and politics -- of race?

Countries like Japan and Scandinavia, that are racially homogenous, have never (though they have other problems) been crippled by racially generated strife -- as have the U.S., Britain, and France, and lately Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, which used to be racially homogeneous, but now contain large "undigested" populations of foreign Third World laborers, primarily people of color, who have been imported to do the unpleasant work that their own citizens no longer wish to do.

New York mirrors the racial diversity of U.S. society as a whole, and WBAI, if anything, magnifies that diversity. Consequently, it is no surprise that WBAI -- which has always been a pressure cooker of racial mistrust, nastiness, violence, and extreme interpersonal antagonism -- has finally, and perhaps irretrievably, blown its top.

A more accurate summary would be that strong political differences over whether it is necessary -- and if so, how -- to incorporate the voices and struggles of communities of color in the station's staff, leadership, governance, and programming have always led to tensions at WBAI. Undoubtedly these ideological struggles have -- at several points in history, not just recently -- led to bitter arguments, overheated and nasty rhetoric, and insults on all sides. Those conflicts are all the more intense because of the passions felt by those who care deeply about keeping the station a key part of opposing war and racism, and their resulting anger at manipulations and false accusations used to undermine or block those directions.

4. Brown Uses False Charges to Evoke Racist Imagery of Alleged Violence by Black People at WBAI

But for Brown to use a few (greatly exaggerated) incidents to paint a picture of chaos, mayhem, and intimidation encouraged or even orchestrated by Bernard White and the Justice and Unity Campaign is both grossly unfounded and an appeal to the most backward racial stereotypes. Look at these examples of Brown's rhetoric from public emails in March 2006:

Bernard White froths at the mouth in WBAI's hallway... I was told that Bernard's behavior [and for the same reason] was aped by Erroll Maitland, also running through the hallway pumping his fist in the air in anger, appearing to threaten all in his path.

A few days later, a staff member who had run on the List-Prog slate with Brown refuted his purported account of what had happened, writing on a public computer bulletin board:

Michael G. Haskins [WBAI's chief announcer and afternoon engineer] has told me (and about 40 WBAI staff members at the March 15th staff mtg.) that HE, not Erroll, was there during what was an argument between Bernard and Indra. Bernard was not frothing or threatening Indra physically, according to Michael G. Erroll was not there at all, according to Michael G.  Steve appears to have falsely accused Erroll.  Steve has not retracted his claim.

Brown's earlier email had gone on to state:

One witness describes coming to the station these days as like living in the South Bronx, where rival gangs are shooting at each other and all you can do is keep your head down to keep from getting beaten up, knifed, or shot. He and others fear coming to the station. They claim that Bernard and Erroll and others have instituted a reign of terror in which staff members have literally been beaten up on the premises.

The racial stereotypes in the reference to the predominantly Black and Latino South Bronx are unmistakeable. Beyond that, not only has Brown failed to demonstrate that there has been any "reign of terror" at the station, but he has never offered a shred of evidence that "Bernard and Erroll have instituted" any of the handful of incidents in which staff have had intense conflicts. In fact, in the one incident of a staff member actually being "beaten up on the premises," it was Bernard White who intervened while the beating was underway, escorted the perpetrator from the building, and arranged with the then-station manager (Don Rojas) to ban him from the station. Also note that -- contrary to Brown's inference -- it was the Justice & Unity members of the board who sponsored and passed a motion in June 2005 asking Interim General Manager Indra Hardat to prepare a report on incidents and allegations of staff misconduct and conflicts, and methods to reduce such incidents and hold accountable those responsible. Despite repeated reminders, she has never produced the report.

5. Brown Makes Nonstop Defamatory Attacks on Bernard White

A few days after Brown posted the "Bernard White froths at the mouth" diatribe, he responded publicly to the criticism by the staff member referred to above for making unsubstantiated charges and using demonizing rhetoric. Brown wrote:

If you were there, you should have been at her [Indra Hardat's] side whacking Bernard with a baseball bat and then calling the police.

This is just a more extreme form of the vicious, defamatory attacks that Brown has been waging against Bernard White for years. Another example from an August 2005 email:

…The question, then, is WHY -- when the cause of WBAI's problem is so obvious and the solution so simple -- neither WBAI management nor Pacifica management has taken the sensible step of replacing a program director who can't drive -- with one who can? Why do they pretend to look every which way to find the cause and solution -- except right in front of their noses? Why all this subterfuge, evasion, and misdirection simply to prop up a WBAI program director whose own listeners (as one of them said to me) "wouldn't cross the street to spit on Bernard if he was on fire." Of course, my "why" is rhetorical.

I know the answer to my own question. The reason that top management -- local and national -- won't step in and separate this incompetent, spiteful, and malicious employee from WBAI is that they are afraid. They are afraid of what one Pacifica official came right out and characterized as "the civil war [that] might break out if Bernard were fired... [and] stirred up a phony race war claiming that White racists were responsible for his firing."[…]

Note Brown's use of the convenient device (common in his writing) of cloaking his most hateful attacks -- such as "wouldn't cross the street to spit on Bernard if he was on fire" -- behind the curtain of "as one of them [the listeners] said to me."

Then there was this from an email by Brown in January 2005:

Do not underestimate the huge personal ego satisfaction that Bernard White derives from being Boss of Bosses at WBAI. He is autocratic in nature, relishes being Numero Uno, and runs WBAI like an old-style Tammany Hall precinct…There is also White's personal abuse of his own position as program director, which he uses to award plum airtime and paid station jobs to his friends and cronies -- whom he then "owns," as White indeed owns most of those behind the Justice & Unity party...

Never mind that the Program Director has absolutely no authority to hire or fire any paid staff member -- but facts don't get in Brown's way. Furthermore, Brown's reducing of Bernard White's programming decisions to "award[ing] plum airtime...to his friends and cronies" is an overt attempt to impugn Mr. White's carefully considered conclusions about the best way to serve various communities. Is it surprising that a Program Director who has been a community activist for 25 years might know or even be friends with people who share his activist views and who may also have expertise and knowledge worthy of sharing with the listeners? Furthermore, many of the hosts added in recent years will tell anyone who asks that they hardly knew Mr. White, except perhaps through being guests or doing segments on WBAI, before they were granted a program.

In any case, it was these abusive and racially insensitive statements -- and many more -- over a three-year period that finally caused the Local Station Board to pass a motion disassociating itself from such statements and urging Brown to stop making them.

Any study of U.S. history should make clear that all too often a political agenda is hidden behind unsubstantiated charges of corruption, fraud, bankruptcy, and negligence. Such slanders from the rich, powerful, and well-connected are used especially against people of color in leading roles. They have been used to remove Black representatives from Congress and mayors of major cities. Unsubstantiated charges of impending chaos, corruption, and bankruptcy have also been the basis of counter-revolutions and coups directed by the U.S. government.

6. Core of the Issue: Brown Seeks to Turn Back the Clock at WBAI

When one combines Brown's racially stereotyped attacks on Bernard White and his portrayal of the station as a dangerous place "like living in the South Bronx" with his admiration for the mostly white station in Colorado, the picture becomes clear: Brown wants to return WBAI to the "good old days" of the '60s, before there was a strong presence of managers, paid staff, and hosts who come from and attempt to represent the strivings, needs, and demands of oppressed communities of color and working class people. Or, as an anonymous candidate from "List-Prog" (the predecessor to Brown's ACE) complained in a New York Times article (Dec. 28, 2003, "The City" section), referring to the role of the Justice & Unity candidates in the 2003 WBAI election:

"They are trying to co-opt WBAI and turn it into an African-American station," said one of List-Prog's 14 candidates, who insisted on anonymity.... "To some extent, they have already done so, and have adopted identity politics as their central focus."

Of course, "identity politics" is the code word, oft-used by ACE supporters, for the politics of self-determination by oppressed groups in society.

These issues constitute the core of the difference between ACE and the Justice and Unity Campaign -- which is strongly committed to maintaining the overall direction of WBAI programming, even while advocating the improvement of areas where stronger coverage is needed.

A window into Brown's thinking -- and that of his ACE allies -- can be seen in an essay by former WBAI host Mike Feder that Brown forwarded to his public email list in February 2005 with a positive recommendation. Among Feder's comments were these:

Compare the original WBAI personalities and our programming of the 60's, 70's and 80's to what we have now. Compare the station's influence then to its influence now. It's pitiful to even think about.…So, the inevitable and final question is: Can this once great institution be saved? Can it be reborn into something resembling what it once was? Unfortunately, I'd say the prognosis was poor, given the lengths and depths to which the diseases of racism, immorality and pea-brained political correctness-without-redeeming-virtue have pervaded the studios, offices and airways of the station.

...I think a good deal of what used to be good about WBAI -- is available right now on Air America and NPR -- or the Internet (where, for instance, Gary Null's show is being broadcast).

It's telling that Feder, with Brown's approval, rhapsodizes about the offerings on commercial, Democratic Party-aligned Air America and corporate-underwritten, centrist National Public Radio, and touts a return to the period when African Americans and other peoples of color were almost totally excluded from the roster of WBAI's hosts and other staff.

7. Brown's ACE Allies Join in Vilifying Bernard White and Calling for Drastic Programming Changes

Besides Brown, several other incumbent or former board members endorsed by ACE have also vilified Bernard White, made excuses for Brown's vicious statements, and called for drastic changes in the mix of WBAI programming. One case in point is former board member and current candidate/ACE endorsee Alex Steinberg, who responded to Brown's statements such as "Bernard frothing at the mouth" with the following comments on a public computer bulletin board on March 16, 2006:

If you step back and look at things in perspective, what is more important, the fact that Steve may have evoked some imagery that is racist or the fact that WBAI is being held captive by a group who abuse anyone that dares to question the wisdom of their leader? Or think of it this way: Suppose for a moment that the worst accusations of the JUC [Justice & Unity Campaign] were true -- that Steve was a racist and a secret member of the KKK. What damage is he actually doing to Pacifica? ...What Bernard White and the JUC are doing at WBAI is not only wrong and disgusting, it is also illegal....It is time to pull the plug on this charade and I for one am glad that Steve is saying it in a very loud voice, even if he sometimes is carried away with his emotions.

While Steinberg served on the board, he specifically called for Bernard White's firing as Program Director. Staff member Josh Wolinsky reported publicly that in May 2004, Steinberg told him and a group of Steinberg's political allies, "I'd love to get paperwork together so we can remove Bernard -- we have to have a good paper trail." As to Steinberg's views on programming, in his 2004 LSB candidate statement, he wrote: "Racially divisive programming should not be given airtime on any Pacifica station." Assuming Steinberg defines this term similarly to his ACE co-endorsee Steve Brown, some programs by hosts who emphasize the problems of communities of color and whose guests make passionate critiques of racism might well be cancelled if he and his allies held sway.

Meanwhile, ACE endorsee Paul DeRienzo has a long track record of not only advocating but actually bringing about drastic negative changes in WBAI programming. During the period of the Pacifica national takeover of the station, which he strongly supported, he was given a job (in violation of union rules) by Interim General Manager Utrice Leid as news anchor and co-host of the morning show after the illegitimate firing of Bernard White and producer Sharan Harper (and later of Amy Goodman), whose Wakeup Call program was widely loved by listeners. DeRienzo took to his position with gusto, regularly maligning Amy Goodman in vicious terms, supporting the purge of numerous progressive hosts, and attacking the listener movement to take back Pacifica from the corporatizers. At one of his lowest points, he conducted a long, friendly on-air interview with notorious racist Bernhard Goetz, who had shot several young Black men in the back.

The politics underlying these actions can be seen in DeRienzo's statements shortly after the victory of the "take-back" movement. In a June 27, 2002 public letter to Leslie Cagan, then chair of the Interim Pacifica National Board, DeRienzo engaged in red-baiting against those who had rescued WBAI and Pacifica from the mainstream, purging elements:

Lew Hill [the co-founder of Pacifica] was not an advocate of a radical, leftist, communalist, Socialist, anarchistic or messianic philosophy for broadcasting. People feel that this kind of frequently violent rhetoric from un-professional, non-accountable individuals who engage in personality bashing has led the stations to offering the worst type of anti-Semitism, vilification of Israel and Zionism and racism that's ever been broadcast on WBAI. This type of violent rhetoric with non-accountability offers only half-truths and substitutes for accuracy, objectivity and fairness.

Also, has there been an overt emphasis on supporting a radical leftist agenda? If so please explain how this reconciles with Lew Hill and the founders who believed that no political ideology should supersede another? Hill firmly stood for the view that both moderate and conservative voices should also be represented and that Pacifica was the foundation upon which all ideological decisions should begin.

Last year, DeRienzo was suspended by the Local Station Board for engaging in numerous abusive and discriminatory statements about his political opponents. These included gross attacks on the integrity of Black men on the board (such as calling Father Lawrence Lucas a "lame ass and a loser"), taunts of "Nazi! When are you going to open BAI's ovens?" and "Sieg Heil" against member Sara Flounders, and "F--- you!" screamed five times at board chair Vajra Kilgour. The ACE endorsement flyer dismisses all this by jokingly calling DeRienzo "surely the board's 'bad boy'!" and stating that "he enraged the Justice & Unity faction with his flamboyant speech (often naughty-to-obscene)." It must also be noted that the ACE-endorsed board members fiercely opposed the board's suspension of DeRienzo for this conduct.

8. Brown Calls for a Purge of Opponents at WBAI

Let's be clear about what Brown is calling for: a purge of those Black programmers and their white allies who support the current direction of programming. He covers this under the accusation of "race-baiting," an age-old charge most often (though not always) used to silence debate about whether people have acted in ways that reinforce the dominant societal power dynamics of white supremacy. Honest folks can differ as to whether a given statement or action is racist, but to shut down the discussion by dismissing such positions as "race-baiting" is unacceptable.

Here's what Brown wrote in his 2003 campaign statement for the LSB under "What other changes would I make?":

Remove "hate mongers" who viciously label other staff members and listeners "racist" if they're not black or if they happen to be white or Jewish or Latino or middle class. Our door should say "Come in" not "Get out!"

This is an outrageous canard -- no staff member has ever called anyone "racist" SIMPLY because "they're not black or if they happen to be white or Jewish or Latino or middle class." But it fits Brown's mantra of poor innocent white victims (such as himself) of vicious, racially biased producers who are either Black or white supporters of Black staff. In any case, the call to purge producers based on their political views is absolutely anathema to the free-expression tradition of Pacifica.

Much more recently, here's what Brown wrote in an email earlier this month, addressing Justice & Unity board member Ray Laforest:

For more than three years, the JUC has used its control of WBAI's airwaves, and the prestige of known and supposedly "trusted" radio voices such as Bernard White, Bob Lederer, Mimi Rosenbaum [sic], Ken Nash, Erroll Maitland, Dred Scott Keyes, John Riley, Vajra Kilgour, and many others, to gather support for itself both on the air and in Nuremburg-style "hate rallies" they have staged throughout the community.

...Come October 16, the listeners will throw you and all your JUC hypocrites off the board. And the new station manager -- whoever he or she turns out to be -- will probably take one deep sniff, and throw you out of the station, too.

Again, the call for a purge is unmistakable.

Also, note Brown's use of the phrase "Nuremburg-style 'hate rallies'" to describe Justice & Unity forums (a frequent feature of his diatribes). For Brown to compare Nazi propaganda fests designed to whip up genocidal anti-Jewish fury to our speaking events at which various community activists gave their descriptions and analyses of the tactics of Brown and his (then) List-Prog allies -- which even included open-mic times when List-Prog members had the opportunity to speak -- is not only a vicious lie, but a calculated attempt to instill fear and hatred itself.

It should be clear by now that Brown's stream of extreme accusations and overheated rhetoric is a smokescreen to avoid focusing on this core political difference about the fundamental nature of WBAI programming. We hope that there will now be open debate about these critical issues that will determine the future of this precious people's media resource.

9. Final Note

For more information on the statements of Brown and DeRienzo, and on the accomplishments, positions, and proposals of the Justice and Unity Campaign, please visit our website at http://www.justiceunity.org.