Listener Candidate Statement

Marian Borenstein (former co-chair, WBAI Local Advisory Board; Treasurer, Black Radical Congress-NYC)

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Marian Borenstein, (212) 591-2111

I am currently a WBAI Local Station Board member affiliated with the Justice and Unity Campaign ( and am seeking re-election. The Justice & Unity slate has been endorsed by a wide range of activists and progressive organizations, such as Michael Tarif Warren and Asia Pacific Action. I’ve been an active member of the board’s Programming, Finance, and Inclusion committees, and most important currently, the General Manager Search Subcommittee. It’s imperative that we identify and select a progressive-minded individual with the strength, integrity, and proven experience to help move our station forward in these critical times. 

WBAI remains one of the few voices dedicated to providing clarity on a myriad of issues concerning the broad masses of people in our broadcast area. There’s an especially a urgent need to work to redirect our national evolution from an imperialist war state to a nation dedicated to global progress and truly democratic ideals. In this effort, we’re fortunate to possess programmatic and human resources that can educate listeners over a broad spectrum of local, national, and international issues, as well as provide valuable information concerning our listeners’ personal well-being.

I and other Justice & Unity members have struggled to work constructively to solve problems, in stark contrast to those board members who seek to use personal attacks and unsubstantiated charges against managers and staff to impose their will on the station. We stand for maintaining the station’s critically important role in providing a voice to oppressed communities, and against those who would turn back the clock on progress made in that direction.

By profession, I’m an early childhood educator, currently a policy and program development resource person in a city agency. I’ve served as a union shop steward and contract-negotiating representative for my union. My experience includes being a consultant to several school districts in New York and other cities, and I’ve taught in several public and private colleges. I’ve been involved with various community organizations concerned with the educational and development needs of young children, including the Harlem Parents Committee and the Joint Schools Committee for Academic Excellence. I’ve also worked on housing and development issues, and am currently a board member of the NYC Black Radical Congress.

After joining the WBAI Local Advisory Board in 1998, I served as vice-chair, co-chair and acting chair. When elements seeking to remove grassroots voices took control of Pacifica in the late 1990s, climaxing in the 2000 "Christmas Coup" at WBAI, I became deeply involved in the ultimately successful efforts to take back the network. Today I still have my eyes on the prize: WBAI as the voice of the voiceless.

I urge you to vote for myself and the entire Justice & Unity slate:

Omowale Clay
Tibby Brooks
Lisa Davis
Sara Flounders
Marianela Tricoche
Wellington Echegaray
Bok-keem Nyerere

It’s very important to expand the slim majority of Justice & Unity to continue WBAI as a beacon of hope in the otherwise bleak panoply of broadcast media.