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Lisa Davis (activist on reparations and police brutality; chair, Tri-state Support "Like It Is" Coalition; member, Millions More Movement, NJ; work with Creative Spirits youth organization)

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Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis, (212) 591-2111

As a current member of the WBAI Local Station Board and the Pacifica National Board, I have proudly served my term as part of the Justice and Unity Campaign ( with courage, integrity, and conviction. It's an honor for me and our slate to be endorsed by such strong human rights activists as Amina Baraka, Amiri Baraka, Evelyn Warren, Michael Tarif Warren, and Larry Hamm. I ask that you join them in voting for me and all my fellow Justice & Unity candidates:

Omowale Clay
Tibby Brooks
Sara Flounders
Marianela Tricoche
Marian Borenstein
Wellington Echegaray
Bok-keem Nyerere

As a New Jersey-based African American grassroots activist with over 20 years experience on the front lines of such issues as reparations, ending police brutality, and fighting for socio-economic parity, I’ve held steadfast to my principles of ending racism, empowering communities of color, and ensuring that underrepresented communities have access to the airwaves.

I’m co-founder of the Tri-State Save “Like It Is” Support Coalition, established to support the work of highly esteemed journalist Gil Noble and now also challenging the license renewals of major NYC TV stations for unfairly representing communities of color. Through my community activism, I also support the work of Creative Spirits, dedicated to youth enrichment, Waset Komuniversity, the Millions More Movement, and the People’s Organization for Progress (POP), among others.

As I firmly believe the political face of Pacifica as an institution is as important as what it broadcasts, I have authored and helped pass motions on the local and national boards condemning police brutality and the death penalty. I’ve also supported motions showing solidarity with the NY transit strike, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and other political prisoners.

Because of the conduct of certain WBAI board members, my work on the National Board has also included helping establish the Committee to Investigate Allegations of Racism and Sexism, which I currently chair. I've also help institute anti-racism training for board members. Serving on Pacifica’s Programming, Audit and Technology Committees, I've helped pass a national programming policy, contributed to finalizing standardized Pacifica-wide financial policies and procedures, and supported digital distribution of our programming and the integration of various multimedia technologies. (I must also thank the many hard workers on these committees with whom I’ve collaborated.) I’ll continue working on technology issues -- Pacifica faces increasing fundraising challenges as more and more people, especially youth, get their information from digital downloads.

But the board work that gives me the most pleasure is making WBAI a living, breathing institution within my community. I’ve brought their concerns to the station and have worked hard to show community organizations such as the National Hispanic Media Coalition, POP, and the Clinton Hill Improvement Association how to use WBAI as an organizing tool via public service announcements.

Please vote for the entire Justice and Unity slate so that we can expand our board majority to ensure that WBAI remains in the vanguard of the social justice movement.