Listener Candidate Statement

Margareth Dominique (co-producer/co-host, Haiti: The Struggle Continues; Haitian community activist)

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Margareth Dominique

I am a candidate for the Local Station Board (LSB) with the Justice and Unity Campaign (slate A)

I have chosen to run on behalf of the station's most vital and underappreciated constituency: its staff. Working as an unpaid staffer producing and hosting the weekly show "Haiti: The Struggle Continues," I have witnessed firsthand the enormously hard work on the part of both paid and unpaid staff. The countless hours all of us give is powerful proof of our dedication to ensure that the station provides listeners with information they can't get anywhere else.

The paid staff is small in number yet do a tremendous amount of work with low salaries and often lots of stress. As a progressive organization, WBAI should treat its workers with the same fairness and respect that we would demand at any other worksite. Likewise, staff should not be micromanaged or have to deal with the threat of layoffs, as the current board majority has imposed with its call for massive budget cuts.

And I particularly admire how unpaid staff not only are amazingly dedicated in their own work, but also came to the support of the paid staff last fall when jobs were threatened. This spirit of collaboration motivates me to continue working at the station, and it's through this cooperation that I will seek creative and constructive ways to help WBAI move forward.

For all these reasons, I have been getting more involved with the station. I am a voting member of three standing committees of the LSB. One is the Finance Committee that oversees the station's budget. WBAI should have a realistic budget without cutting valuable positions. I support finding new funding sources to protect paid positions and the integrity of Pacifica's mission, yet without having to rely on extended on-air drives.

I'm also working with the Management Evaluation Committee (MEC) to foster a dialogue about station leadership that brings us together. The Unpaid Staff Organizing Committee and AFTRA (the paid staff union) must be involved in helping the MEC to create a constructive survey that allows for full staff input in fairly evaluating the Program Director's strengths and weaknesses without prejudging him.

Finally, I'm part of the Programming Committee, which among other things advises the station on helping make programming more diverse so that listenership levels can rise. What I have learned by attending these committees and LSB meetings will, if I'm elected, make me a stronger and more effective representative of staff interests. In my view, the LSB hasn't fulfilled its potential due to the regressive political agenda of the current majority.

If elected to the LSB, my primary agenda will be the concerns of staff and helping WBAI survive these challenging times. I ask you, the staff, for your vote. I pledge to work hard and to represent your interests thoughtfully and well.

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Contact:, (212) 591-2111