Listener Candidate Statement - 2006

Imani Henry (organizer, International Action Center; Program Coordinator, TransJustice, Audre Lorde Project-LGBTST people of color organizing center; playwright/performer)

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Imani Henry

Imani Henry

With only five Pacifica stations in the country, I feel truly fortunate to live in a city with one. WBAI is an indispensable media resource for social justice movements in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. I’ve been a listener and supporter for 13 years. As a Caribbean female-to-male transsexual who has been doing grassroots community and anti-war organizing for over 20 years, I’m proud to be running on the diverse slate of the WBAI Justice and Unity Campaign ( I hope you will vote for these candidates to maintain a genuine progressive majority on the WBAI Local Station Board.

Please vote for me and my colleagues in this precise order to maximize the impact of your vote:

1. Fr. Lawrence Lucas
2. Nia Bediako
3. Berta Silva
4. Ray Laforest
5. Marianela Tricoche
6. Bernadette Ellorin
7. Sam Spady
8. Samia Halaby
9. Imani Henry
10. Tibby Brooks

The Justice and Unity Campaign is committed to grassroots, activist-oriented programming that fully reflects the multinational and working-class nature of the tri-state area. Particularly important to support are programs generated by and for communities of color in struggle, including Latino issue programming. If elected, I will do all I can to help strengthen and expand ’BAI’s listener base by reaching out to Black, Latin@, Asian/Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, indigenous, and other working class communities. One of Justice and Unity’s plans is to work with the station to acquire, over several years, the technologies for multi-channel programming, providing more access and options for how people listen to the station. I’m also interested in working with the LSB and the station to launch a capital campaign so WBAI can stop paying rent and finally have a permanent home.

Since 1993, I have been an unpaid organizer with the International Action Center, mobilizing communities of color and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) movement primarily around anti-war, anti-death penalty, anti-police brutality, and pro-worker campaigns. My anti-war activism has ranged from opposing U.S. military interventions in Iraq, Haiti, Somalia, and Yugoslavia to fighting to end the economic blockade of Cuba. I also co-founded Rainbow Flags for Mumia, a coalition of LGBT people who demand the freedom of political prisoner and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal.

My day job for the last two years has been at the Audre Lorde Project as the program coordinator of TransJustice, New York City’s first political group by and for Trans and Gender Nonconforming People of Color.

I am also a writer, slam poet, playwright, and performer who has been touring nationally for the last five years. I’ve been a guest on various WBAI shows over the years and have read my poems over the air.

While the mainstream media buries and/or distorts our struggles, it is ’BAI that continues to speak truth to power. Serving on the Local Station Board would be another front of my grassroots organizing—supporting and strengthening this invaluable media resource.

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