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Staff Candidate Statement

Margareth Dominique Co-producer of Haiti the Struggle Continues, staff representative to the Program Council.

Margareth Dominique

Margareth Dominique

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I am the host of “Haiti: The Struggle Continues,” and I want your support to join the Local Station Board as your representative. I have been involved with the station for three years. I acquired technical training that enabled me to help edit and engineer the show. I am now an elected representative of the public affairs producers on the Program Council. I have been attending LSB Committee meetings, particularly Finance, and last December, I was elected LSB Assistant Secretary. I am also a shop steward with the Unpaid Staff Organizing Committee (USOC), the unpaid staff union. We stewards bring grievances to management’s attention and fight for fair treatment of the unpaid staff, while seeking to work together with paid staff. I do all this because I believe in what WBAI stands for. However, there are many problems to solve for the station to reach its potential.

Much of ’BAI’s equipment system is outdated. We need state-of-the-art technology for better quality air sound. Our current telephones drop calls and give feedback that goes over the air. Recording devices and CD players don't always work. Sometimes we can't find materials needed to produce professional work. Training is necessary for producers to be fully prepared to broadcast.

Also, communication among staff is lacking. We need a more collegial atmosphere and more opportunities for cross-fertilization among our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff members. There should be staff retreats where pressing issues like Latino programming and national programming can be discussed, and longer-term staff can help train new ones. We also need venues for the staff to socialize. If elected, I’ll seek ideas from my colleagues and keep them informed about issues concerning the station and the LSB.

I want to change the way the LSB conducts business by seeking an alternative to Robert’s Rules of Order. So much time is spent on procedural wrangling, it’s difficult to get real work done.

The board should be hands-on when confronting the problems facing ’BAI. Board members should actively work on projects to bring funds to the station. Each board member should take on a particular task and be responsible for its realization. I will help Pacifica look into the possibility of creating its own record label to record up-and-coming artists in order to earn money for each station.

Everyone agrees that we can no longer continue paying market-rate rent. The board should create a capital campaign to work toward the realization of buying a building. Also, our membership could grow if board members contributed to promoting the station. We should look at how new technology can help us expand long-term into a multi-channel system to incorporate the many voices that 24 hours of programming does not permit.

I come to WBAI with many skills in public relations, grant writing, technical knowledge, and organizational abilities that I believe will make me a valuable member of the Local Station Board.

Contact: margareth_wbai@yahoo.com