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Marianela Tricoche (member of Women Workers for Peace [Bronx Latina group], Bolivarian Circle [Venezuela solidarity], & Vieques Support Campaign; immigrant rights activist; occasional translator for WBAI's Wakeup Call and other programs)

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Marianela Tricoche

Marianela Tricoche

Marianela Tricoche, 212-591-2111

I am honored to run for the WBAI Local Station Board on the slate of the Justice and Unity Campaign (, which has been endorsed by the Free the Cuban 5 Committee and many other activists and progressive organizations. I urge you to also vote for all my colleagues on this diverse, anti-racist slate:

Omowale Clay
Tibby Brooks
Lisa Davis
Sara Flounders
Marian Borenstein
Wellington Echegaray
Bok-keem Nyerere

I was born in Puerto Rico and came to New York 40 years ago, where I have resided since. Before retiring, I worked at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for 30 years as a biochemist. I was a delegate with 1199, the health care workers union, for 25 years, where I participated in contract negotiations and helped workers with their job grievances and medical claims.

I worked with the Vieques Support Campaign, which fought successfully to close the U.S. naval base in Puerto Rico. I was also a board member of La Peña, a grassroots community services center in the Bronx. I helped organize demonstrations against the police murders of Amadou Diallo and Anthony Baez. At present, I’m a member of Workers for Peace, a women's organization in the Bronx dealing with Latinas' issues. I am also a member of the Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera of New York, which organizes support for the Venezuelan revolution and the Hugo Chavez government. In the past I occasionally helped with Spanish-to-English translations for WBAI's Wakeup Call.

This station is a necessity and must continue to broadcast information the mainstream media either refuses to cover or distorts greatly -- whether it's the advances of participatory democracy in Venezuela or the struggles of Latinos and people of African ancestry against police brutality here. WBAI must keep the present character of its programming and its rejection of corporate underwriting. We must fight hard to keep this treasure within our midst. That will be my central focus as a board member.

I support the commitment of the Justice and Unity Campaign to insure the station maintains genuine activist-oriented programming allowing for a variety of issues, especially those reflecting the political voices of communities of color (including Blacks, Latinos, Asian/Pacific Islanders, Arabs, and indigenous peoples) and youth. I believe the station should represent as many groups as possible, so everyone has their own voice.

In the past year, I’ve attended several meetings of the Local Station Board to inform myself about how it works. I’ve been appalled by the behavior of some members of the opposition: Spreading innuendo and rumors about station management hurts staff morale and confuses the listeners, and using Robert’s Rules of Order to filibuster ensures that very little gets done at meetings. As a board member, I will set a positive example of constructive behavior. I will also work with other board members to expand station outreach, distribution of literature, and requests for contributions at educational events by activist organizations.

I respectfully ask for your vote., 212-591-2111