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October 17, 2006 - The WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign invites you to a forum/fundraiser....

WBAI and Communities Under Siege Worldwide:
The Vital Need to Preserve This Survival Tool

Plus: A special report on evidence of U.S./Israeli war crimes gathered on a recent trip to Lebanon

Saturday, Oct. 14, 6:30-9:30 pm
125 Barclay Street (a.k.a. 140 Park Pl.), near West St., Manhattan
(For directions, click HERE)

For downloadable flyer in Word Click HERE

Michael Tarif Warren, longtime criminal defense attorney representing political prisoners, member of WBAI Local Station Board from Justice & Unity
Speaking on the importance of WBAI for communities of color and the case of Lynne Stewart

Presentation by:
Sara Flounders, co-director, International Action Center, member of WBAI Local Station Board from Justice & Unity, recently returned from Lebanon
Including never-before-seen video footage
showing destruction of the entire neighborhood of Dihaye in South Beirut, home of Hezbollah's TV and radio stations.

Aarti Shahani, founding co-director of Families For Freedom, a multi-ethnic defense network of families directly affected by immigrant detention and deportation
Providing an update on the immigrant rights struggle and specifically a city-wide united action for comprehensive immigration reform set for Oct. 21

Moderator: Lisa Davis, activist on reparations and police brutality, member of WBAI Local Station Board from Justice & Unity

Requested donation: $10
For more information, call (212) 591-2111 or email info@justiceunity.org

If you cannot attend but would like to donate, please send a check payable to "Justice & Unity Campaign" to: Ray Laforest, DC 1707 - AFSCME, 75 Varick St., Suite 1404, New York, NY 10013.

The DC 37 building is north of the World Trade Center site and west of City Hall near West St. From E, R, W, or PATH, walk North to Murray St and west to DC 37 (140 Park Pl.). From 4,5,6 J, M, or Z (City Hall), walk south or southwest to Murray and Broadway, then west to DC 37, or to Chambers St. From 1,2,3, A, C, walk south to Murray, then west to DC 37. As you walk west on Murray, you will see a giant sign for DC 37 (140 Park Pl., 125 Barclay St.) painted near the top of the building.


All proceeds go to the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign, a multi-racial coalition of activist listeners and staff who are committed to ensuring that WBAI remain a liberating source of empowerment for communities of color and disenfranchised populations. We stand for maintaining and expanding WBAI's progressive, activist, anti-racist programming and for advancing affirmative action throughout the Pacifica Network. Justice & Unity is currently running a slate of 10 listener candidates for the WBAI Local Station Board, and this election is critical to the future direction of WBAI and its parent Pacifica Network. Other candidates are intent on reversing the gains of recent years in incorporating hard-hitting educational and activist programming on working class issues, particularly programs by and for communities of color -- and several have mounted aggressive efforts to fire the progressive Program Director, Bernard White.

Funds raised at this event will help Justice & Unity finance a mailing to the WBAI membership to explain its positions and put forth its candidates to the voters.

Note: If you became a WBAI member between Sept. 2, 2005 and Sept. 1, 2006, you have the right to vote in this fall's election. Ballots will be mailed to all members on Oct. 16 and must be returned by Nov. 16.

Here is the multiracial, majority-women slate of listener candidates for the WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign: (For each candidate's statement, go to http://www.justiceunity.org/candidates.html)

Incumbent Local Station Board listener members seeking re-election:

* Ray Laforest (convener, WBAI Committee of Inclusion; also elected member of Pacifica National Board; labor and Haitian community organizer)
* Father Lawrence Lucas (member, WBAI General Manager Search Subcomm; author, lecturer, Black liberation theologian, chaplain on Rikers Island, longtime Harlem activist)
* Berta Silva (Chicana/Latina community activist; labor organizer with 1199/SEIU; member of 1199 Peace & Justice Committee)

New listener candidates:

* Nia Bediako (Chair, Local Board Programming Committee; member of several other WBAI committees; Treasurer, block assn. in Harlem; certified financial analyst)
* Tibby Brooks (organizer, NY Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition; Palestine solidarity activist)
* Bernadette Ellorin (Regional Coordinator, BAYAN USA -- progressive Filipino alliance; community organizer, Philippine Forum; 29-year-old documentary filmmaker)
* Samia Halaby (member of Al-Awda [Palestine Right of Return Coalition], NY Committee to Defend Palestine, and Al Jisser Group [cultural events]; painter, writer)
* Imani Henry (organizer, International Action Center; Program Coordinator, TransJustice, Audre Lorde Project-LGBTST people of color organizing center; playwright/performer)
* Sam Spady (President, NAACP/New Rochelle branch; leader of several Westchester civic groups; small business owner)
* Marianela Tricoche (member of Women Workers for Peace [Bronx Latina women's group], Bolivarian Circle [Venezuela solidarity], & Vieques Support Campaign; immigrant rights activist; translator for WBAI's Wakeup Call and other programs)

Click HERE for downloadable Word file of flyer.


The WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign supports:

* active board role in off-air fundraising * grassroots programming, especially by and for underrepresented communities * anti-racist training * diversity assessments of staff, programs, & committees * strong affirmative action policies * a progressive, activist-oriented station manager * fair management evaluations * staff and union roles in station decision-making * respect for union contracts. For full platform, go to the website below. Donations are needed to reach more WBAI members.

(212) 591-2111 * http://www.justiceunity.org * email: info@justiceunity.orginfo@justiceunity.org
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