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January 21, 2008

A small clique of WBAI board members and their friends, led by multimillionaire marketing huckster Steve Brown and variously called "ACE" and "independents," have escalated their illegitimate efforts to take control of the station. In November, they sued Pacifica and got a judge to stop the board elections that were almost complete. They'll be in court this Thurs., Jan. 24 demanding that only their supporters who didn't get ballots have the right to cast late ballots. They are also arguing that the votes of people who received hardship waivers (which grant memberships to those with difficulties in donating time or money) should be thrown out. Plus they've been holding fake "Local Station Board meetings" of just their board members (7 out of a board of 24) and trying to interfere with the hiring of a new station manager. Now they're demanding that the Pacifica National Board -- which meets next weekend in Newark - seat their four fake "board directors" rather than the four who were properly elected as directors to represent WBAI by the full Local Station Board.

This is the latest chapter in the years-long racist smear campaign of unsubstantiated charges attempting to take down Program Director Bernard White and remove programming by strong advocates for Black community self-determination.

We urge you to come out to the following wheelchair-accessible public events and speak out to protect your station and the right of all members to vote. Let this racist and unscrupulous opposition know that you won't turn back!


The WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign is a slate of anti-racist activist candidates for the board working to keep the station in the hands of those committed to supporting the voices of oppressed communities. We are the current board majority and include such well-known activists as Father Lawrence Lucas, Omowale Clay, Ray Laforest, Sara Flounders and Tibby Brooks.

We are ENDORSED by Amiri & Amina Baraka, Michael Tarif & Evelyn Warren, Manning Marable, Tim Wise, Larry Hamm, Fred Ho, Fr. Luis Barrios & many grassroots organizations including CEMOTAP, the Free Mumia Coalition, the December 12th Movement, and ProLibertad. See www.justiceunity.org for a complete list!

Visit www.justiceunity.org or call (212) 591-2111. Join our low-traffic email list to stay in touch.