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There are 9 board seats to fill, and you are allowed -- but NOT required -- to rank up to all 23 candidates. If you rank candidates you don't fully support, you could help elect them and reduce the chances of the candidates you do favor. Also, do not give the same ranking to more than one candidate -- it divides and dilutes your vote among them. We've developed rankings to maximize the rollover benefit of your vote -- these do not reflect our appreciation or valuation of any of our candidates. Please rank ONLY the 10 Justice and Unity candidates AND in the precise order listed below.

We have 10 candidates for 9 seats because we want to insure that we have runners-up ready in case board members resign over the next three years. (The bylaws specify that the next highest vote-getter is seated whenever anyone resigns.) Since the last election, 4 board members have resigned and the runner-ups took their place.

wbai ballot 2006