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November 16, 2006 (shows added more recently, see below for links)

WBAI Adds Daily Spanish-Language News

Pacifica Program Created By Justice & Unity Initiative

WBAI now carries Pacifica's Spanish-Language News program "Informativo Pacifica" at 11:30 pm, following the local news rebroadcast, Monday through Thursday. Please spread the word! Many thanks to our Los Angeles sister station KPFK's Eva Georgia (General Manager), Armando Guidino (Program Director) and Fernando Velazquez (producer) for shepherding this program
-- Bernard White, WBAI Program Director.

This program came about pursuant to work of the Pacifica National Committee of Inclusion convened by Justice & Unity member Ray Laforest, which led to a motion by Justice & Unity staff ally Bob Lederer that passed the Pacifica National Board in January 2005. Later board motions set up a budget for this show, which is now aired at several community radio stations in the U.S., and for the first time, has extended Pacifica's reach to stations in Latin America.

Description: A half-hour Spanish language, national and international news program with reports from contributors from more than 30 countries of America and Europe. The program began broadcasting on WBAI on October 30, 2006.

"Informativo Pacifica" focuses on: labor, women, Indigenous Peoples struggles, and matters of war and peace. "Informativo Pacifica" examines the root-causes of white supremacy, discrimination, racism, and the impact of neo-liberal policies. Established by Justice & Unity Motion on the Pacifica National Board.

Hosts: Norma Martinez, Rocio Cabrera, Nelly Leng
Project Producer: Fernando Velazquez
E-mail: copecheuno@yahoo.com

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