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WBAI in Your Community

Increase the station's profile. If your organization is planning a forum, please contact the station at 212-209-2800 about providing a speaker or tabling.

Here are ways you can support the station, broaden listenership and help stabilize finances: * Pay your pledge. * Add BAI to your budget at the rate of at least $10 a month using Electronic Funds Transfer. * Each day, tell 3 new people about the programming (including audio archives at wbai.org), and encourage them to become members during the May fund drive or at any time at wbai.org. * Add the website to your email tag and as a link on your website. * If your employer has a program for matching your charitable contributions, complete the forms. * Donate your vehicle by calling 800-CAR-WBAI. * Include the station in your will. * Give stocks and bonds. * Join a local station board committee and share your ideas for growth.

In coming months we'll see many of you at community events covered annually by the station: Clearwater Music & Environmental Festival -(6/21-22), International African Arts Festival -(7/3 - 7/6), and Labor Day -(9/1). The station will also visit your communities to educate and hear your thoughts on the issues that affect your life, such as gentrification and displacement, the non-depression recession, the sub-prime mortgage and credit-card scams, racism, police abuse, immigration and deportation, and more. Stay tuned for details or check wbai.org.