Downloadable Video Available on the Misconduct of
Board Member Paul DeRienzo That Caused His Suspension

In the first elected WBAI Local Station Board, which served during 2004, an alliance of List-Prog (Listeners and Staff for Progressive Elections), present/former business associates of health entrepreneur/broadcaster Gary Null (specifically Paul DeRienzo and Luanne Pennesi), and several others, forged a majority. They were -- and their continuing members remain -- largely hostile to current station management and unfriendly to the unions of workers at the station. In the fall 2004 elections, the majority shifted to the anti-racist Justice and Unity Campaign, which advocates a working relationship with management and staff based on mutual respect.

This episode of "The Battle for Progressive Media" shows how some of the new board minority have conducted themselves in the course of debates, including the use of abusive language, name-calling, and extreme personal attacks. A particular focus is the severe disruptiveness and abusive behavior of Paul DeRienzo during three recent meetings, and the resulting successful motion to suspend him for six months. There will also be analysis of the history and political issues behind the conflict.

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