Fierce Struggle for the Future Political Direction of WBAI.

Come to the WBAI Local Station Board Meeting

Mon., March 21, 6:30 pm
Hostos Community College, Savoy Multipurpose Room, 120 East 149th Street.
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A fierce struggle is under way for the future political direction of WBAI. This will intensify with the imminent departure of anti-imperialist General Manager Don Rojas. A broad coalition of anti-racist activists -- the Justice and Unity Campaign -- holds a majority on the Local Station Board (after a hard-fought election campaign last fall), but their efforts are under siege from the board minority, led by the "List-Prog" slate, which disrupts every meeting and attempts to stop work from getting done. List-Prog is hostile to current station management and unfriendly to the unions of workers at the station.

One List-Prog ally on the board, Paul DeRienzo (who was a strident on-air supporter of the 2000-1 coup at WBAI), has consistently hurled vicious epithets -- such as "Nazi scum!", "Sieg Heil!", "When are you going to open BAI's ovens?" and "F--- you!" (5 times) -- at the chair and other board members. DeRienzo has also focused venomous attacks against African American male board members Father Lawrence Lucas, Omowale Clay, and Michael Tarif Warren.

At the March 9th meeting, DeRienzo stalked up and down the aisles shouting "anti-semites!," "liar!," and other epithets for a full five minutes. Based on this continual, escalating pattern of abusive, threatening conduct that specifically targeted individuals in a racist, sexist and anti-semitic way, the board voted to suspend DeRienzo for six months and to require a specific apology for this misconduct before he can return to his seat at the end of the suspension period.

List-Prog board member Mitchel Cohen gave notice at the end of the March 9th meeting that he would move to rescind the motion for Paul DeRienzo's suspension at the March 21st meeting.

There also will be elections to an important committee to search for and recommend a new General Manager to follow Don Rojas, among other important items of business at this meeting.

Support the fight to keep WBAI strong and tied to community struggles of the most disenfranchised!

Attend the Local Station Board meeting. Participate in the public comment sessions. Make your voice heard!


WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign
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