[Introduced by Local & National Board member Ray Laforest; not yet debated or voted on]

Whereas, LSB Secretary Patty Heffley, in her report to the Pacifica National Board meeting in Houston on June 5 (substituting for Chair Berthold Reimers), made several statements on station policy issues without any prior discussion with or agreement by this board that such statements constitute a majority position, specifically:

1. "Some LSB members are concerned about the amount of fund-raising on air and whether the current subscriber base is sufficient to cover the station's budget."

2. "We are looking for responsible proposals from management. Mostly what has been proposed so far are more fund drives. One thing that doesn't seem to have been addressed is the programming."

3. "It is the view of many members of the LSB that programmatic changes to increase and motivate our listeners need to be considered in addition to the extra fund-raising measures."


Whereas, the purpose of reports by LSB Chairs at PNB meetings is to present the collective work and decisions of the LSB, not the opinions of individual LSB members or informal groups of LSB members,

Whereas, the referenced report by Secretary Heffley also included the following statement characterizing a policy supposedly announced at a May 28 th emergency WBAI Finance Committee meeting: "(4) Each LSB member is being asked to contribute individually at least $500 [emphasis added]."; a statement that the Pacifica Chief Financial Officer, Lonnie Hicks, publicly labeled inaccurate shortly after Secretary Heffley made it,

Therefore be it resolved that the WBAI LSB disassociates itself from the above-listed statements in the report delivered at the Houston Pacifica National Board meeting by Secretary Heffley, and requests that the Pacifica National Board: 1) append this motion to the official minutes of that meeting, and 2) correct the record on the above-quoted point (4) to read: "Each LSB member is being asked to raise or generate individually at least $500."


# # #