TRACK RECORD: Current LSB Majority vs. Justice & Unity Positions

Inclusion - Not Racist Behavior

"Examine the background of virtually all the newly hired. Blacks and friends of the management. It is time we recognized that you have accepted the station's trajectory into hell."

  • -Luanne Pennesi, LSB Member, endorsed by List-Prog,
    in a public letter to General Manager Don Rojas

"The closest thing I can compare [WBAI] to right now is Fascism in the 1930s."

  • -Luanne Pennesi

The LSB majority:

  • Failed to confront board member calls to slash activist programming and give programs to conservative hosts.
  • Didn't repudiate either Steve Brown's (List-Prog) public claim that new, unnamed, WBAI programs are "anti-white" or Luanne Pennesi's first comment above.
  • Ignored its mandate to review the diversity of committees, candidates, and station staff.


  • Supports genuine grassroots, activist-oriented programming, especially by and for people of color and under-represented communities such as Latinas/os, Asians, and youth.
  • Believes the Board should be a model for anti-racist action with zero-tolerance for racist speech.
  • Embraces strong affirmative-action program and anti-racist training; will assess staff, board, committee and candidate diversity.

Cooperation - Not a Board Takeover

"Relations between the LSB and staff have reached a crisis point. Management and staff feel like they are under siege, resulting in plummeting staff morale. We do not accept the notion that the boards are overlords and the staffs are underlings."

  • -General Manager Don Rojas, two weeks before resigning

The LSB majority:

  • Won't stop trying to micromanage WBAI.
  • Harassed General Manager Don Rojas to the point of resignation.
  • Distorted an evaluation survey to try to get Program Director and 20-year WBAI veteran Bernard White fired.


  • Will fight for a progressive, anti-racist new General Manager.
  • Will implement a fair evaluation process for managers.
  • Will work cooperatively and respectfully with management.

Full Funding - Not Budget Slashing

"If we [the LSB] are spending our time fundraising, we really will fail in the governance."

  • -Patty Heffley, LSB and List-Prog member, opposing a motion to commit the board to raise modest funds

The LSB majority:

  • Refused to commit to raising $25,000 this year, though most nonprofit boards raise substantial funds.
  • Maneuvered unsuccessfully for a $450,000 cut out of a $4 million budget, which would have meant 6 layoffs.
  • Won't repudiate call by LSB member Luanne Pennesi to "just stop supporting the


  • Intends to organize major LSB fundraising activities for WBAI.
  • Advocates sufficient funding levels be set to maintain optimal
    station operations.
  • Supports full disclosure of station finances to inform LSB budget decisions.

Pro-Worker - Not Anti-Union

"The era of the backroom deal between labor and management at WBAI is over."

  • -Alex Steinberg, List-Prog LSB member, attacking
    the right of workers to negotiate their
    union contracts without LSB interference

The LSB majority:

  • Disrespected WBAI workers, their unions and contracts.
  • Excluded paid and unpaid staff unions from input into management and programming evaluations.
  • Condones calls to override union contracts and minimize worker input in
    manager selection.


  • Scrupulously respects union contracts for paid and unpaid staff.
  • Supports worker participation in station hiring.
  • Fights for staff/union involvement in all that affects them.