Gary Null, entrepreneur and producer of "Natural Living," has violated the Fair Election Practices Rules by going on the air to accuse Justice & Unity of fabricating the statement that his website includes and has included calls for a financial boycott. For the evidence, click HERE.


1. "The Deeper You Get" - June 11, 2004

"We need to deprive this regime of the financial means to continue on their downward trajectory. The audience has already led the way by abandoning the station and its pledge drives."
Luanne Pennesi


2. "WBAI's Lost Mission Part I" (Luanne Pennesi) - June 3, 2004 (annotated text)

So what can be done about it?

  • 1. Just stop supporting the station and find any close substitute on the dial and go on with your life.

(DELETED from site 10-15-04 following listener forum.) See:

3. "Who Will Stand With Us?" under the section "Luanne Takes a Stand" - June 2004

[same text as above]

(DELETED from site on 10/14/04, the day after mentioned on air by a Justice & Unity candidate during a candidate forum):

The original still remains in the archives on Click Here to see a copy of the archived version.

4. "Accountability: A Letter from Luanne" - July 2004

"I refuse to raise money to pay the salary of people who cause or support a division of the audience..."

Some documents are screenshots, others cached (saved) pages by Google or downloaded pages.

1. "Is a boycott the only way to force positive change?"
On front page of Gary Null's site, following the words:
"THE TIME HAS COME TO SPEAK OUT ON WBAI. WBAI is in a downward spiral."
Click HERE.

2. Letter by Pennesi urging a station boycott - May 20, 2003. Click HERE..

"I won't listen to or support the station until current management is replaced and I will encourage all of my patients and students to do the same."

3. "Ten Reasons to Boycott WBAI/Pacifica." - posted Jan. 2004 - still on Web as separate site Click HERE to go there or if it has been removed click HERE. for the saved version.

"There are many reasons to boycott WBAI during the upcoming fund drive and to withhold money until changes are made. Here are ten."

This is just one component of web pages by the Looking Forward slate of LSB candidates (Luanne Pennesi, Paul DeRienzo, Harry Lichtenstein, and Robert Dean) in January 2004, which was prominently hyperlinked by Gary Null on his website. Endorsement of candidates was originally on,(for screen shot of Null's endorsements before removed from his site, click HERE) but was later moved to this separate but hyperlinked site (Click here or click HERE if they have been removed.) after the National Election Supervisor ordered Null to remove it as a violation of the Fair Campaign Practices. (Note: The same person, Charles of SmartTrac Computer Systems, Inc. is the registered administrator of both and

Much later, after several further complaints were filed, the Supervisor found that the hyperlink was also an explicit campaign violation and ordered it be removed as well -- but the damage had been done, as ballots had already been mailed.