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WBAI LSB Disassociates Itself from Public Comments of LSB Member Steve Brown Regarding Bernard White & Staff

This Fall the Battle for Progressive Media returns to the air. In the second program of the season we’ll examine the long time struggle of the representation of communities of color over the airwaves of New York’s WBAI radio. We’ll profile a key figure at WBAI, Bernard White, the Program Director. Then we’ll also look at a harsh opponent of Mr. White, Local Station Board Member and candidate in this fall’s board election, Steve Brown. We’ll examine the controversy over Mr. Brown’s public e-mail campaign against Bernard White and the station over the last few years and the assertions that these e-mails promoted racist stereotypes and have damaged fund raising for the station. The local board voted to disassociate itself from Brown’s e-mails and public postings which have included such statements as, "you should have been at her side whacking Bernard with a baseball bat".

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